• Sainath B Gadhe
  • Ganesh Chinchansure
  • Amar Kumar
  • Mritunjay Ojha


Rape is fourth most common and frequently happening crime against women in India. Among metro cities, has more number of rape cases and compare to developed countries like Latin America developing countries like India has less number of such incidences, where very good security facilities are provided by government and ratio of education is higher. So it proves that illiteracy or security is not major reason behind such assaults but the unawareness about self-protection and inefficient self-protection weapons currently available like Ninja key chain , pepper spray, handgun etc. It is also revealed that in 98% rape cases, culprit is someone close to victim like neighbour or relative, where bureaucrats can’t do much to control as it is not possible to keep watch on each house every time. This paper summarizes current safety weapons available for women self-protection in situations like rape, assaults and adds new perspective of using GPS system and android smartphones for women safety. By implementing and using our proposed system, not only safety of women but also of valuable things will be just a click away at very cheap price and that don't need to be carried separately.


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Gadhe, S. B., Chinchansure, G., Kumar, A., & Ojha, M. (2015). WOMEN ANTI-RAPE BELT. COMPUSOFT: An International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, 4(4). Retrieved from https://ijact.in/index.php/ijact/article/view/106