Keywords: Chebyshev wavelet method, Caputo time-fractional derivative, Caputo time-fractional integro partial differential equations, beam problem, Chebyshev wavelet solutions


The main objectives of this works are to present a Chebyshev wavelet method to solve approximately analytical solutions which it can apply to the beam problem. The analytical solutions of this problem can be written as Chebyshev wavelet series that can compute the unknown coefficient of Chebyshev wavelet solutions with nonlinear algebraic system. With our numerical results, the Chebyshev wavelet technique is simple and powerful method for calculating any beam problems. The validity and accuracy of our method have been shown through analytical results, absolute error and absolute residue error. Additionally, it is appropriate for solving some fractional order of Caputo fractional in nonlinear time-fractional integro partial differential equations.


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Author Biography

Thanon Korkiatsakul, Suratthani Rajabhat University
Department of Mathematics


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