• Osman Ahmed INTI International University
  • Mohammad Hafiz Mohd Yusof
Keywords: SDN, Northbound API, SDN Security, Tor Network, SDN Architecture


Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging technology that separated its architecture into three layers. Applications layer and Control layer communicates through the Northbound Interface (NBI), these communications can be targeted to fingerprinting even with the encryption applied. With the growth of cyber-attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities in network environments, SDN is more open to security issues than other technologies due to the isolation of its architecture. In this paper, we proposed a new architecture to add an extra layer of Tor network to anonymize the communication of NBI, the development of the combination of SDN and Tor experiment using VMware virtual machines for SDN controller, GNS3 networks and Wireshark for NBI traffic analysis. In the results of maximizing the security of SDN, anonymous communication can prevent NBI from the fingerprinting by allowing the requests and responses messages going through multiple nodes before reaching the destination comparing with the current SDN architecture that using direct communications. Lastly, we discussed the results towards the STRIDE model to show and ensure how the combination of SDN and Tor can provide the security and privacy to the SDN Network


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