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Parag Nemade, Vaibhav Jaybhaye, Neethu Menon, Smita Dange


Cloud computing is the style of computing where massively scaled IT related capabilities are provided as a service across the internet to multiple external customers and are billed by consumption. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and Amazon have started providing cloud computing services. Amazon is the pioneer in this field. A customer is the ultimate beneficiary of this technology as they can access, share and send data through an email server without any type of installation or hard disk storage. In this paper, we have addresses the concept of Cloud Computing and its application in the field of Education. In the Engineering courses the students often face the problem that all the software cannot be accessed from a single laboratory. Also college needs to pay more for buying different software for each PC and have to manage their updates. In this paper ,we have discuss how to provide accesses to the required software from a single Lab .We will be setting up a Virtual Private Cloud Server and deploying the required software on that server. Students will get to access all the software from those labs which are connected to this Private Cloud.

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