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Nikita Jain, Deepali Virmani


This research paper deals with a decision-based prediction system for generating tsunami alerts by analyzing real-time data that tags the sea turtle movement along the interiors of the Indian Ocean. In this paper Navigation based Decision Algorithm: NBDA which uses the Haversine Equations to detect the difference between the angle of the direction of Loggerhead Turtles at different durations of years from 2004 to 2012 is proposed. The dataset used here is provided by the OBIS Seamap-an official organization that maps the distribution of living species in Ocean present on their web portal having Latitude and Longitude values for turtle movement in the interiors of Indian Ocean obtained from underwater sensors. Using NBDA, The historic Tsunami year of 2004 is marked as the alert year on the basis of change in navigation directions of sea turtles in the Indian Ocean from the subsequent year of 2008. Proposed NBDA is validated with available real data which highlights 2004 as Tsunami Year. This Algorithm can further be used to design a prediction system to generate Tsunami Alert well in advance in real time by analyzing abnormal aquatic animal behavior.


NBDA; Tsunami; navigation; Haversine; Bearing angle; Decision; Prediction

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