Publication Process


The publication process of COMPUSOFT consists of following steps having a view to achieving excellence in the quality of manuscripts. Usually, the publication process takes around 3-8 weeks to complete the whole process.

  • After Receiving the Manuscript we send a submission acknowledgment E-Mail.
  • The manuscript will be analyzed by Plagiarism Software.
  • Primary quality will be analyzed by the Editor.
  • The manuscript will then forwarded for Double Blinded Review.
  • Based on the Double Blinded Review, Editor will take the decision and the same will be communicated to Author.
  • If the manuscript is accepted for the final version, we will ask for the formalities to Author.
  • Author Need to Deposit Publication Fee. The manuscript will be published once we receive the formalities.
This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Articles once Accepted for Publishing by COMPUSOFT 'IJACT' Review Panel, could not be withdrawn thereafter, however as per Amendment 168/II, provisions could be provided based on the decision of regional Editor-in-Chief.