About the Journal

COMPUSOFT is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in all areas of computer science. We publish high-quality, original research articles, review papers, and technical reports that span the theoretical foundations and practical applications of information, computation, and computer systems.

Our Mission is to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners across the globe to share their cutting-edge research, innovative ideas, and insightful perspectives on the ever-evolving field of computer science.

Our Focus:

  • Broad Scope: COMPUSOFT welcomes submissions across the entire spectrum of computer science, including but not limited to:

    • Algorithms and data structures
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Computer architecture and hardware
    • Database systems and information retrieval
    • Human-computer interaction and software engineering
    • Networking and distributed systems
    • Security and privacy
    • Theoretical computer science
    • Emerging technologies and applications
  • Open Access: Committed to the principles of open access, COMPUSOFT ensures that all published articles are freely accessible to everyone, worldwide, without any subscription fees or restrictions. This fosters wider dissemination of research findings and accelerates the advancement of knowledge in the scientific community.

  • Rigorous Review Process: COMPUSOFT adheres to a rigorous peer-review process, conducted by a distinguished editorial board of leading international experts in their respective fields. This ensures the high quality and scholarly merit of published articles.

  • Rapid Publication: COMPUSOFT employs an online submission system and a streamlined review process, aiming for rapid publication of accepted articles. This allows authors to quickly share their research results with the global community.

COMPUSOFT invites you to:

  • Submit your original research manuscripts.
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Together, let us advance the frontiers of computer science and shape the future of technology.

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Vol. 13 No. 01 (2024): January
Published: 2024-02-26
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