Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Future Potential


  • Deepti Research Scholar and Alumnus, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, M.D. University, Rohtak, Haryana, India


VoIP, Internet Protocol (IP), Bandwidth, PSTN, Internet, Broadband Connectivity, Gateway, IP PBX, Protocol, Data Packets, PCM Interface, Network Management


VoIP (voice over IP) delivers standard voice over telephone services over Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP is the technology of digitizing sound, compressing it, breaking it up into data packets, and sending it over an IP (internet protocol) network where it is reassembled, decompressed, and converted back into an analog wave form. Gateways are the key component required to facilitate IP Telephony. A gateway is used to bridge the traditional circuit switched PSTN with the packet switched Internet. The paper covers software, hardware and protocol requirements followed by weighing the VoIP advantages such as low cost, portability, free and advanced features, bandwidth efficiency, call recording and monitoring against the VoIP disadvantages such as power dependency, quality of voice and service, security, and reliability. With ever increasing internet penetration and better broadband connectivity, VoIP is going to expand further with businesses already using VoIP standalone or in a hybrid format, although our focus and scope here remains VoIP. Mobile VoIP, an infant with less than 4% market share, has so far been focusing on increasing active subscriptions without a sustainable revenue model, but has the potential and is going to see tussle with static VoIP for space in days ahead.



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