Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Image Processing – A Brief Study


  • Prasanna KM Vivekananda College of Engineering and Technology, Puttur
  • Rai C Shantharama Canara Engineering College, Mangalore


Fuzzy Logic, Image Processing, Fuzzy Image Processing, Fuzzy Inference System


The subject of this study is to show the application of fuzzy logic in image processing with a brief introduction to fuzzy logic and digital image processing. Digital image processing is an ever expanding and dynamic area with applications reaching out into our everyday life such as medicine, space exploration, surveillance, authentication, automated industry inspection and many more areas. Fuzzy logic, one of the decision-making techniques of artificial intelligence, has many application areas. Although it has been subjected to criticisms since its birth, especially in recent years, fuzzy logic has been proven to be applicable in almost all scientific fields. This shows that the concept of fuzzy logic will maintain its validity and the number of fields where it draws attention will increase further.


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