A Review on Image Restoration in Medical Images


  • V M Aswathi PG Scholar, Dept.of CSE, Vimal Jyothi Eng.College, Chemperi, Kannur
  • Mathew J Assist.Profesor, Vimal Jyothi Eng.College, Chemperi, Kannur


Medical Imaging, Image Restoration, Image deblurring, SparseRepresentation


Image restoration is the removal or minimization of degradation in an image. Restoration of medical images is the demand of the hour as such images suffer from distortions like noise and blur. Medical images play a vital role in dealing with the detection of various diseases in patients and they face the problem of noise and blur. The most challenging problem is removing noise from an image while preserving its details. Restoration involves modelling of these degradations and applying inverse process to recover the original image. This paper compares various image restoration techniques.


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