Secured Data on Cloud Environment by SAPA Protocol with Auto-renewal


  • Prashanthi K B.Tech Student(CSE), Bharath University, Chennai-73
  • Sangamithirai P B.Tech Student(CSE), Bharath University, Chennai-73
  • Pothumani S Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE, Bharath University, Chennai-73


Knowledge Obstrucity, Forward Security, Universal Composability


Cloud computing is rising as a rife knowledge interactive paradigm to understand users’ knowledge remotely hold on in a web cloud server. Cloud services offer nice conveniences for the users to relish the on-demand cloud applications while not c Knowledge Obstrucity, Forward Security, Universal Composability onsidering the native infrastructure limitations. Throughout the information accessing, completely different users could also be in a very cooperative relationship, and so knowledge sharing becomes vital to attain productive edges. The prevailing security solutions chiefly concentrate on the authentication to understand that a user’s privative knowledge cannot be unauthorized accessed, however neglect a delicate privacy issue throughout a user.It is difficult for the cloud server to request different users for knowledge sharing. The challenged access request itself might reveal the user’s privacy in spite of whether or not it will acquire the information access permissions. During this paper, we have a tendency to propose a shared authority primarily based privacy-preserving authentication protocol (SAPA) to deal with higher than privacy issue for cloud storage. Within the SAPA, 1) shared access authority is achieved by anonymous access request matching mechanism with security and privacy concerns (e.g., authentication, knowledge obscurity, user privacy, and forward security); 2) attribute primarily based access management is adopted to understand that the user will solely access its own knowledge fields; 3) proxy re-encryption is applied by the cloud server to supply knowledge sharing among the multiple users. Meanwhile, universal compos ability (UC) model is established to prove that the SAPA on paper has the planning correctness. It indicates that the projected protocol realizing privacy-preserving knowledge access authority sharing is enticing for multi-user cooperative cloud applications.


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Prashanthi, K., Sangamithirai, P., & Pothumani, S. (2024). Secured Data on Cloud Environment by SAPA Protocol with Auto-renewal. COMPUSOFT: An International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, 4(04), 1619–1623. Retrieved from



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