Face Retrieval Based on LBP


  • BS Swetha M.Tech CSE, PA College Of Engineering Mangalore
  • Raibag MA Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, PA College Of Engineering, Mangalore


Image Retrieval, Face detection, Viola – Jones technique, Local Binary Pattern


Now-a-days we find enormous number of photos in our daily life, most photos are digital images where we frequently find in the social Network (like facebook.) and those images are with human faces. Retrieving an face image from these large set of data is the biggest problem we are facing today. In this work, The aim is to address this problem which is to retrieve a face image from the database We propose 3 Orthogonal methods for the face image retrieval from the Real – database system. The Viola – Jones technique is used for Face detection. The basic LBP pattern was applied to the facial landmarks and the LBP histogram is developed to the features. And finally by finding the Histogram distance for the images, the minimum nearest value image will be required image to be retrieved. The ranked result image retrieval system possess almost 45% of accuracy.


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