A Novel DNA based Encryption Algorithm for Multimedia information


  • Maniyath SR Asst. Professor, MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • kaiselvan VT Asso. Professor, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore


DNA Cryptography, DNA Digital coding, Arnold Cat map, PCR, Image Encryption, DNA computing


As of late, different DNA based cryptographic calculations have been proposed to create secure picture encryption systems yet at the same time huge numbers of them have low processing and require sending long key. In such manner, this paper proposes another technique for content, image, and video encryption taking into account DNA calculation innovation. The first information is encoded utilizing DNA calculation and DNA correlative principle. In this paper, an encryption plan is composed by utilizing the advancements of DNA synthesis, DNA Digital coding and additionally the hypothesis of conventional cryptography. The customary encryption strategy and DNA computerized coding are utilized to preprocess to the plaintext. Organic troublesome issues and cryptography registering challenges give a twofold security protection to the plan. The primary reason for this calculation utilized for a picture and video is to decrease the enormous picture encryption time. This calculation is executed by utilizing the common DNA groupings as fundamental keys. The main part is the procedure of pixel scrambling. The first picture is befuddled in the light of the scrambling arrangement which is produced by the DNA grouping. The second part is the procedure of pixel substitution. The pixel dim estimations of the new picture and the one of the three encryption formats produced by the other DNA succession are XORed a tiny bit at a time thusly. The fundamental extent of this paper is to propose an augmentation of this calculation to recordings and making it secure utilizing advanced Biological innovation. A security investigation for the proposed framework is performed and presented. Here we demonstrated the legitimacy of the calculation through recreation and the hypothetical examination on the parameters, for example, affectability to plaintext, key affectability, histogram investigation, connection examination including bio-security and math security.


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