Systolic Tree Algorithms for Discovering High Utility Item sets from Transactional Database


  • Shibi B P.G Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, V.S.B Engineering College, Karur


utility pattern growth, systolic tree, high utility itemsets


Utility mining emerges as an important topic in data mining field. Here high utility item sets mining refers to importance or profitability of an item to users. Efficient mining of high utility item sets plays an important role in many re al-life applications and is an important research issue in data mining area. Number of Algorithms utility pattern growth (UP-Growth) and UP-Growth+( A data structure having tree like structure named utility pattern tree (UP-Tree)) is used for storing the information about high utility item set such that by using only double scanning of database, candidate item sets can be efficiently generate. But that will lead to high requirement of space and time and so that performance will be less. So a new algorithm i s proposed in this paper, for efficient discovering of high utility item sets from transactional database.


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