Systematic Review of Metrics in Software Agile Projects


  • Mukker AR Department of computer science (M.Tech)
  • Singh L Department of computer science (Associate Professor)
  • Mishra AK Department of computer science (Assistant Professor)


Agile, Methodology, Metrics, Quality, XP


This is a review paper in which things discussed would be about the various software metrics and about agile methodology. Nowadays Agile practices are increasing popularity in software development communities. This paper is a summary of the various metrics, agile and agile methodology used in software industries. Further this papers shows how Extreme Programming practices (XP) could enhance the development and implementation of a large -scale and geographically distributed systems .Adaptation of Extreme Programming practices in the project has increased the human factor output and its has helped in bringing up promising idea to enhance the conceptualization and implementation as well as future extensions of large scale projects.


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