Fine Dust in Augmented Reality: Creating Public Service Announcement


  • Kim E Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
  • Choi J Orange Sky Research Center, Seoul, Korea


augmented reality, fine dust, trigger images, overlays, public service announcement


This study discusses how to create a public service announcement about fine dust using AR technology. „Aurasma,‟ a free mobile app, was used to produce the PSA. The PSA mainly consists of four parts, a trigger image, a short animation, an interactive menu, and other media which provide additional information about fine dust as users press the menu buttons. This study also surveys the user‟s preference on a PSA using AR technology and its educational effectiveness.


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Kim, E., & Choi, J. (2024). Fine Dust in Augmented Reality: Creating Public Service Announcement. COMPUSOFT: An International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, 3(11), 1245–1248. Retrieved from



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