Data extraction and label assignment for web databases


  • Rajesh T UG Student, Department of CSE, Bharath University
  • Prathap T UG Student, Department of CSE, Bharath University
  • Nambi SN UG Student, Department of CSE, Bharath University
  • Arunachalam AR Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, Bharath University


Web databases, Information extraction, visual features


Deep Web contents are accessed by queries submitted to Web databases and the returned data records are en wrapped in dynamically generated Web pages (they will be called deep Web pages in this paper). The structured data that Extracting from deep Web pages is a challenging problem due to the underlying intricate structures of such pages. Until now, a too many number of techniques have been proposed to address this problem, but all of them have limitations because they are Web-page-programming-language dependent.


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Trinity: On Using Trinary Trees for Unsupervised Web Data Extraction Hassan A. Sleiman and Rafael Corchuelo




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