Evaluating the Clustering Protocols for Mobile Sink Based Wireless Sensor Networks


  • kaur H M.tech research scholar, Dept of ECE, ACET Amritsar
  • singh T Prof and H.O.D, Dept of ECE, ACET Amritsar


WSN, Clustering, LEACH, LEACH Clustering, Rendezvous, Artificial bee colony


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are becoming popular in real life applications. Because of the top features of the resource-constrained and battery-aware sensors, in WSNs energy utilization has found to be always a major interesting subject of research. WSNs compose battery-powered nodes, which are linked to the beds base station to for many actions or task. As sensor nodes are battery-powered i.e. can be dead after the consumption of the battery that is also called duration of WSNs. So utilizing the energy in well-organized way, may end in prolonging the duration of the WSNs. Sensor nodes possess a negative characteristic of limited energy, which pulls back the network from exploiting its peak capabilities. Hence, it is essential to gather and transfer the data in a optimized way which reduces the vitality dissipation. In this paper, a survey on various mobile sink based clustering protocols is presented. From the survey, it has been concluded that none of the technique performs effectively in all fields.


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