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Mobile Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing security, Data security


Nowadays smart-phones are being capable of supporting a broad range of applications, many of which demand an increasing computational power. This leads to a challenge because smart-phones are resourceconstrained devices with finite computation power, memory, storage, and energy. With the development of mobility and cloud computing, mobile cloud computing (MCC) has introduced and become a point of research. With the need of extendibility and on-demand self-service, it can provide the good infrastructure, platform and software services in a cloud to mobile clients through the mobile network. Therefore, Cloud computing is anticipated to bring an innovation in mobile computing, where the mobile devices can make use of clouds for data processing, storage and other intensive operations. Despite the surprising advancement achieved by MCC, the clients of MCC are still below expectations due to the related risks in terms of security and confidentiality. The more and more information is placed onto the cloud by individuals and enterprises, the more the security issue begins to grow. This paper presents the various security issues that arise about how secure the mobile cloud computing environment is.


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