A generalized version of play fair cipher


  • Choudhary J Computer Science Department, SSSIST, Sehore, INDIA
  • Gupta RK Computer Science Department, SSSIST, Sehore, INDIA
  • Singh S Computer Science Department, NITTTR, Bhopal, INDIA


generalized playfair cipher, encoding Decoding, security, cryptanalysis


In this paper, we have generalized and modified the play fair cipher. We have introduced confusion and diffusion. The cryptanalysis carried out in this analysis has shown that the proposed play fair cipher is a strong one. The role of cryptography in today’s world is increasing day by day. Information is flowing from are place to another on the network. One most common cryptography technique is substitution cipher. Play fair is most common substitution cipher. In this paper, we present a generalized version of play fair ciphers. Encryption/decryption is a very popular task. We also explain the fundamentals of sequential cryptography.


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