Mechatronic tolerancing: Bond Graph approach


  • JOUILEL N Moulay Ismail University
  • RADOUANI M High School of engineering ENSAM Meknes
  • GADARI MEL Research Laboratory in Mechanical, Mechatronic & Control – L2MC
  • FAHIME BE Research team: multidisciplinary engineering and mechatronics system – IMSM


Bond graph model, statistical tolerancing, Monte Carlo simulation, gear motor


In this work, a new approach has been proposed that allows the analysis and synthesis of mechatronic system tolerances. This approach is based on a statistical method namely Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS). By making a large number of simulations with deviations randomly selected or not in the specified areas, it is possible to perform a statistical analysis of mechatronic system tolerances. To illustrate our approach, we treat the case of the slider crank system driven by a gear motor.


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