Design and simulation system to detect the location and extraction of the license plate numbers of vehicles using template matching and averaging


  • Darvishi M Electronic Engineering Department, Bushehr Branch Islamic Azad University, Bushehr, Iran
  • Arebi P Bushehr College Technical and Vocational University, Bushehr, Iran
  • Ghareaghaji A Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, ShahidBehes hti University, Tehran, Iran
  • Keshavarz A Faculty of Engineering Department, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran


Identification plate, license plate Recognition (LPR), template matching, segmentation characters


Today, the identification and extraction of the license plate numbers of vehicles entering the car parking and entrance systems has become an essential part of the system. In this paper, we introduce an efficient system with high precision and high speed for rapid detection of plaque location and extract license plate numbers for a Vehicle. The system was tested on150 shots in three plate recognition, character separation and extraction of performance numbers were equivalent to 95.6percent that shows the accuracy is acceptable.


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