Performance Evaluation of Leach, Ileach & Da_Leach For Homogeneous Wsns


  • Kaur S Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Sai College of Engineering and Technology Pathankot, Punjab, India
  • Sharma M Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Sai College of Engineering and Technology Pathankot, Punjab, India
  • Chopra A Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Sai College of Engineering and Technology Pathankot, Punjab, India


LEACH, iLEACH, DA_LEACH, Wireless sensor networks, Network lifetime, Data aggregation, Energy minimization


Energy consumption have found to be vital issue in WSNs. Data aggregation techniques have become a major part of WSNs to overcome the problem energy consumption by reducing the flooding at the base station. Also, data aggregation techniques reduce the communication cost of WSNs because it reduces the redundant data by aggregation. However, certain improvements have been proposed for the cluster head selection optimization as well to enhance the lifetime further. The overall objective of this paper is to evaluate the performance of the LEACH, iLEACH and DA_LEACH. The experimental results shown that the DA_LEACH outperforms over the available techniques with respect to stability period and network lifetime.


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