A Study of Energy Efficient Clustering Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks


  • kaur H M.tech research scholar, Dept of ECE, ACET Amritsa
  • singh T Prof and H.O.D, Dept of ECE, ACET Amritsar


Wsn, Clustering, Fuzzy Logic, Energy Consumption


WSN is usually motivated from the armed operation's gives improved outcome to in comparison with conventional wired network. In WSN nodes may be deployed in unmanned region. There are also a lot of fields of WSN application like farming, home study, location monitoring, structural health monitoring, heavy manufacturing monitoring, and security monitoring. In this paper, a survey on various clustering protocols has been done. From the survey, it has been concluded that none of the technique performs effectively in all fields. Although fuzzy based clustering has shown better results over the others but it has not yet improved for 3D wireless environment. Therefore the paper ends with the future scope to overcome these issues.


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