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3D-AES, Encryption, Block cipher, Security, Compression, Message


Today the age of information technology has transformed the ways we communicate with each other. We send emails, send SMS, send message using social networking sites and many more. The uses of computers, smart phones and clouds have become an integral part of our life for sharing information with each other. Thus introduction of all these means have also given rise to misuse of information by third party which can steal our private information. Thus we are thinking of using cryptography for securing our information. Today there are many cryptographic algorithms available for securing data but those are common from AES to RSA. So we are thinking of enhancing the security by using an advanced version of AES called as 3D-AES which generates a symmetric key by shuffling the original key array three times and making the key better each time it is shuffled. Thus the final output key will be more strong then a normal AES key. It will help secure the data more accurately than the normal one. The studies should reflect a lower encryption time and more security then the normal one. The other technique is used PGP for encryption and Compress the encrypted message to reduce its length, using Shannon fano algorithm technique.


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